IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Denver, Colorado, USA 2012
    Denver Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado
    May 14-18, 2012

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    DB2 for LUW Mini-Panel

    Session Number: 333
    Track: Technical Networking Opportunities
    Session Type: Technical Networking
    Primary Presenter: Matt Huras [IBM]
    Co-Presenter: Melanie Stopfer [Developer and Consulting Learning Specialist - IBM]
    Co-Presenter 2: Kelly Schlamb [Ibm Canada Ltd.]

    Room 104 => Thu, May 17, 2012 (04:00 PM - 05:30 PM)

    Audience experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
    Presentation Category: Managing Database Resources
    Presentation Platform: DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows
    Audiences this presentation will apply to: Application Developers, Data Architects, Database Administrators, Systems Programmers, New Users, IT Managers
    Technical areas this presentation will apply to: Database Performance (DB2 for LUW)
    Objective 1: Recent announcements for DB2 for LUW
    Objective 2: Temporal Queries
    Objective 3: Adaptive Compression
    Objective 4: NoSQL Graph Store
    Objective 5: Continuous DATA Ingest

    Abstract:  Meet industry experts that support DB2 for LUW. The panel members will take questions from the floor and will answer any submitted questions. The panel this year will have an excellent mix of the best from the lab in Toronto. Any topic is fair game and you often hear things that would never come up during the regular sessions.

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