Try out dsmtop (an alternative to db2top)

For those of you who use or like db2top, the new dsmtop tool is worth trying out!

It is now available as an open beta for your comments and insights!

dsmtop is a simple text based tool, similar to db2top, which can be used to monitor DB2 versions 10.1 and above. The current implementation is intended primarily for use on Linux or AIX but can also be used on Windows (with a few limitations).


This tool is inspired by db2top but uses the new monitoring infrastructure (e.g. the MON_GET* functions) and includes support for many of the newer features in DB2 including workload management, Blu, and pureScale.

For more information, see this announcement:

To ask questions, report problems, and give feedback, use this developerWorks community:

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