R You Ready to be a Data Scientist?

In this session from the 2016 IDUG North American Conference, IDUG President Paul Turpin answers the following questions, and more.  The job market for data scientists is hot, but what exactly are they? More importantly, how can a data scientist work with DB2? The R language is mentioned a lot in data science conversations. What is it and how do you use it with DB2? 

Paul Turpin is a consulting database administrator for a large financial institution. He specializes in DB2 for LUW on large systems. He enjoys exploring new features and functionality in DB2. He has spoken at IDUG North America, IDUG Europe, SHARE, IBM’s Information on Demand conference, and at several RUGs. Paul currently serves on the IDUG Board of Directors. He was one of IBM's inaugural Information Champions.


Watch the full video at On24 or YouTube!

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