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Willie Favero - Getting the most out of DB2 for z/OS

Welcome to all things DB2 for z/OS. This is your one stop, your only stop, and your final stop to find out all you'll ever want to know about DB2 for z/OS. We'll be discussing how to upgrade to the latest DB2 version, have detailed "how it works" discussions, some performance tips, maintenance alerts, baby updates, with a few guest posts thrown in occasionally. In addition, you'll find all of the latest DB2 news and gossip, arrival notifications of the latest articles, books, seminars, and teleconferences, along with details on all of the major conferences. I'll occasionally be throwing in a post covering our z/OS operating system and our System z hardware. Plus, there will always be something entertaining posted every once in a while. This is the place you'll find just about anything you need to know to stay current with DB2 for z/OS, z/OS, or System z. This is also the place to get that little bit of lite reading each morning to start your day off on the right foot.

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z Analytics at Insight2015Are you ready for the conference of the year? Great, because Insight (aka IOD (aka Information on Demand)) for 2015 is just around the corner. Being held again this year at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Insight starts October 25 and runs through October 29.
An e-mail scam attempt; hopefully entertaining(Posted Tuesday, September 22, 2015) I was reading an article this morning about fraud detection. We (as in IBM) can help minimized fraud if you are using the Mainframe with our DB2 Analytics Accelerator. However, believe it or not, that is not what this post is about. Today?s is a little lighter in nature. Today?s post is just one of my brain dumps. Today?s post is me voicing my opinions (gee, something different?LOL). Finally, today?s post was prompted by an e-mail I received this morning.
Two new DB2 related Redbooks(Posted Thursday, August 21, 2015) Two Redbooks were announced this week, both having something to do with DB2 for z/OS. One leans more toward the Accelerator and temporal tables while the other focuses on maintenance and utility autonomics.
The DB2 Diagnostics Guide and Reference for 11 & 10 are now available for real(Posted Thursday, August 17, 2015) A few weeks ago I published a blog post about the latest version of the diagnostics guide being available through an APAR that had just closed. Even though I was told the APAR had closed, upon further checking I discovered that the APAR was still open.
IBM z brings home TWO 2015 Stevie Awards(Posted Thursday, August 13, 2015) Congratulations are in order for IBM and IBM z Systems on being awarded TWO gold Stevie Awards in The 2015 International Business Awards competition.
August 2015 (RSU1507) service package has been tested and is now available(Posted Tuesday, August 11, 2015) Testing for RSU service package RSU1507 is now complete. This August 4, 2015 2nd Quarter "2nd quarter Quarterly Report, 1st Addendum" (64 KB PDF file) is based on RSU1503 recommendations and contains ALL service through the end of March 2015 not already marked RSU. This service also includes PE resolution and HIPER/Security/Integrity/Pervasive PTFs and their associated requisites and supersedes through the end of June 2
Open Source development and DB2 Connect(Posted Monday, August 10, 2015) The DB2 Connect development organization would like to better understand the need to support a broader spectrum of current development languages.
z/OS Version 2 Release 2 has recently been announced(Posted Saturday, August 8, 2015) I know, I?m a little late to the party on this one. I was hoping to publish this post last Tuesday morning (7/28). However, as things sometimes go, I got sidetracked and didn?t make it. Sorry about that. I hope to make up for that slight slipup. Here is the first of what I hope I will be able to turn into a series of post about the new z/OS v2.2.
Are you using the DB2 Diagnosis Guide and Reference?(Posted Monday, August 3, 2015) There are three questions that follow about the usage of the ?DB2 Diagnosis Guide and Reference? I would like you all to answer for me today. Based on the responses I receive, I will decide whether I should continue publishing a blog post about it.
A poll about the use of a DB2 CHAR data type(Posted Tuesday, July 28, 2015) You all have always been very helpful to me in the past when I have been trying to track down information. Well, today I am asking for that assistance once again. I have a polling question about how a certain column type in a DB2 table is being used. I am very interested in value you are using in relation to the DB2 Accelerator. The value you are specifying is of great interest. This question?s intended audience is primarily users of the DB2 Accelerator.