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    Volunteering with IDUG

    Become an IDUG Volunteer!

    IDUG is a volunteer run organization! Please consider joining our dynamic team of volunteers and give back to the Worldwide DB2 User Community!

    Getting involved with IDUG will provide you with a great way to expand your horizons! Volunteer benefits include industry recognition, experience in a diverse organization, opportunities to grow professionally and personally and expand your network.


    What Volunteer Opportunities Exist?

    IDUG Board and Operational teams

    • IDUG Board of Directors
      This is a great opportunity for you to continue to shape the organization and grow the worldwide DB2 community.
      The IDUG Board of Directors is responsible for setting the overall strategy for our organization, and coordinating the activities of our various volunteer teams around the world. If you have a clear vision for IDUG’s future, can think strategically as well as tactically, and are passionate about IDUG’s mission, this is where you belong.
      Typically, most volunteers have prior experience as a volunteer on various IDUG teams before joining.
    • IDUG Web Committee
      Have a positive impact on the DB2 community by assisting us in adding valuable content and making improvements to this site! Help IDUG members utilize the wealth of available information, moderate DB2-L and other forums, assist IDUG volunteer teams in using Socious software or provide web support for regional and special interest groups - no matter which your area of interest might be, there is an interesting role for you in this team!
    • IDUG Global Marketing Committee
      Responsibilities include establishing IDUG global marketing strategy, conception and selection of editorial content for IDUG’s monthly e-bulletin, and promoting and publicizing IDUG activities. Other duties can include author suggestion and referrals, editorial validation and proofreading, and evaluation of articles. These positions normally do not require travel.
    • IDUG Conference Planning Committees
      Volunteer to help us prepare our excellent global events! From the basic planning stages, to evaluating abstracts, to building conference schedules, to event marketing, and event implementation… you can contribute!
    • IDUG Regional User Group (RUG) Committee
      Contribute to current and developing User Groups as they plan events and reach out to strengthen relationships between DB2 users, IBM, and DB2 in the Community members. The team may also undertake the planning of various Regional Events.
    • IDUG Content Committee
      The IDUG Content Committee is dedicated to bringing timely DB2 related content to the IDUG website and at IDUG and other DB2 related conferences worldwide. The Content Committee delivers a monthly article for the IDUG E-Bulletin, regular weekly articles and whitepapers to the IDUG website, and video presentations for the IDUG DB2 Tech Talk video channel. In addition, the Content Committee delivers specialized presentations at various conferences. There are two levels of volunteers within the content committee; Leader and Member. Leaders must provide content at regular intervals and lead the content streams for two months per year. Members contribute content occasionally on an as needed basis.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do I have what it takes?
      As you can see from the description of various teams, different teams require different skill sets. All volunteer positions require a passion for DB2, a desire to work with other equally passionate group of talented professionals and a desire to network, grow and expand your horizons.
      You are already a part fog the global DB2 community. If you enjoy working in teams and want to give back to the DB2 community, this is the place for you.
    • How much time commitment do I need to make?
      As a group of professionals in the same industry we understand the need for flexible schedules and respect both you and your time; while allowing an opportunity to grow and evolve in a vibrant industry organization. Every attempt is made to schedule meetings and conference calls during off-hours. However, due to the global mix of volunteers and numerous time zones, some impact on your normal schedule is inevitable. Any face-to-face meetings are typically scheduled over a weekend.
      Depending on the team you work on, your time commitment will vary. Conference planning committees typically have specific deliverables (e.g. speaker selection) which must be met, so some peak periods may result. In several cases, you can choose to get the work done on your own time.
    • Do I need approval from my manager?
      For reasons mentioned above, it is a good idea to have a manager who supports you in this endeavor. In return, your company will receive wide recognition in front of peers and potential customers. Besides your personal time, there is no cost to the company.
    • How long is the term?
      In most cases, volunteers on the conference planning committees stay for 3-4 years advancing to team leads and perhaps as conference co-chairs or chairs, A stable group of volunteers we can count on is vital, so we hope (but not require) that you will stay longer than a year but that is entirely up to you.
    • Where can I get more information?
      is the email for the volunteer management committee at IDUG but the best way to get information so to chat with a current or past volunteer. Ask a Board member, a member of a planning committee or stop by the IDUG booth at the conference. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
    • When and how do I apply?
      The Conference Planning Committees begin the planning cycle for the next year’s conference shortly after the current conference ends. For this reason, such applications must be received by May-June for North American Conference and November-December for EMEA conference.
      Applying for other positions is open throughout the year and in some cases applications are explicitly requested.



    Profiles of some past/current volunteers


    Maja Markotic

    Maja attended her first SQL Adria (Croatian & Slovenian RUG) event in 1997, attended several EMEA events and served on the EMEA Conference Planning Committee from 2006 to 2010 where she handled marketing, presentations and vendor and RUG liaison roles.

    Says Maja – “I knew I was going to learn a lot about DB2 once I start volunteering for IDUG, but I learnt a lot more about people, management, leadership, team work. Most importantly, volunteering for IDUG has brought some wonderful people into my life. The thing I have enjoyed the most is the feeling of achievement after a successful conference, and the opportunity to take on various and interesting tasks and work with other IDUG volunteers and speakers.”


    Paul Turpin

    Paul attended his first IDUG North America event in 2000 in Dallas, TX. He has attended all the IDUG North America Conferences since then, as well as three IDUG Europe events. He has spoken at a number of the IDUG North America events and the three IDUG Europe events he attended. He has also attended several of the IDUG regional events, as a speaker. Paul started his IDUG volunteering with the RUG committee in He has served on the North America Conference Planning Committee since 2004, serving as the Conference Chairperson for the IDUG North America 2010 Conference.

    Says Paul – “I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as an IDUG volunteer. I have met countless wonderful people while serving the IDUG community. IDUG has given me many opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone and grow in ways I could not have imagined. I look forward to serving the IDUG community for many years. Attending IDUG Europe conferences in Florence, Italy, Vienna, Austria and Athens, Greece with my IDUG friends and my family were all thrilling adventures.”


    Cuneyt Goksu

    Cuneyt attended his first IDUG Event in 1996, Amsterdam, joined with IDUG DB2-L Administration Team in 2003, established Turkish DB2 RUG in 2003, served on the EMEA CPC since 2005 where he handled presentation team several years and conference chair in 2010.

    Says Cuneyt – “I not only improve my DB2 knowledge by being part of IDUG family but I also learnt about people management, how to make a successful conference, managing relationships between IDUG, vendors, users. Non-Technical skills that I have developed working for different sections in IDUG, helped me a lot during my daily work and relations as well. I have also met with so many great friends from all around the world. This is the greatest benefit of being in this big family. You never feel alone while volunteering in IDUG. Seniors always help you and share their experiences. You always feel the joy after an achievement. Sometimes it’s a successful Conference, sometimes you bring another volunteer to IDUG Family. I have also met personally with a lot of legendry speakers and industry experts in DB2 Community. IDUG is such a great network of wonderful, smart and positive people”

    What Are You Waiting For!

    If IDUG has played an important part in your professional DB2 career, it is time to give back to the community that has made your professional life rewarding.

    Whichever way you would like to contribute to the Global DB2 User Community.. today! 

    IDUG needs you!


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