Our mission is accomplished by an incredible number of volunteers that
    have dedicated their time to participate...

    Volunteering with IDUG

    IDUG is not currently accepting volunteer applications but people wishing to help should contact the committee chairs directly to inquire what help they can use.

    Volunteer Teams

    The IDUG organization mission is accomplished through the efforts of an incredible number of volunteers that have dedicated their time to advancing the information services community through DB2. IDUG supports the following volunteer teams:


    • Board of Directors – The IDUG organization is led by the Board of Directors. This esteemed group of DB2 professionals outlines the strategic direction and ensures all organization objectives are met.


    • Content Team – This committee defines the overall direction for global content across all IDUG programs and drives initiatives to constantly deliver valuable content to the IDUG community.



    • Global Marketing Team – This committee directs and supports all marketing strategies, concept development and selection of editorial content for all of IDUG’s publications and conference marketing materials




    • Web Committee – This team provides support to IDUG members and ensures that the IDUG message, content and access are operational for the organization.


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