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Enhance Your Visibility at the IDUG DB2 North American and European Tech Conferences

The below opportunities can be purchased à la carte, or with IDUG DB2 Tech Conference sponsor investment dollars. To find out which opportunity works best for your company, contact Joe Remiasz, IDUG Sales Coordinator at 312.673.5580.

Browse by investments under $2,000 USD, investments between $2,500 and $5,000 USD and investments over $6,000 USD.

Investment of $2,000 USD and Under

Passport to Prizes Program

Participating vendors will get their company logos imprinted on IDUG Passports that are distributed to every attendee at registration. In order for an attendee to be eligible for a passport prize, provided and given away by the sponsoring vendor, they must get their passport stamped by each participating vendor; thus, driving traffic to your booth and increasing your opportunity to speak with more attendees.

Cost: $400 USD

IDUG Daily Globe

This serves as an attendee's source for updated information about the day’s events. Your company name, logo and a 25-word description of your company will appear on the front of this “must-read” on-site news source.

Cost: $650 USD for each day or $2,000 USD for all four days

Floor Decal

Tell attendees where your booth is located or what new products/services you have with a floor decal that will be placed in a high traffic area.

Cost: $1,000 USD

Attendee Pens

Place your company logo on a pen each attendee receives in their conference bag or notebook.

Cost: $1,500 USD, exclusive


Gain continuous brand recognition by showcasing your company logo and preferred message on a banner hung in a high traffic area. Your company will receive significant visibility as attendees see your branding as they walk to and from sessions.

Cost: $1,500 USD

Keynote Chair Drop

Distribute a flier with your company’s pertinent information on every attendee chair at the keynote presentation. Content subject to review and approval by IDUG.

Cost: $1,500 USD

NEW! Pre-Conference Email

Send an email message to a targeted group of IDUG Members based on job title or other demographic criteria. IDUG Headquarters will send the email on behalf of the sponsor. Content is subject to IDUG approval. Message is required in HTML format, with a maximum of 200 words. Open and click through rates will be provided one week after email launch.

Cost: $1,500, limit five

Registration Insert

Have your company’s promotional piece inserted into the attendee conference packets that are picked up at registration. Content subject to review and approval by IDUG. Sponsor provides printed materials.

Cost: $1,500 USD

Meter Board

Opportunity to create graphics to be printed double sided on a meter board to be placed onsite in a high traffic location. All graphics subject to approval by IDUG. All graphics must be submitted by 3/15 for approval for the North American event.

Cost: $2,000 USD

Inverstment of $2,500 — $5,000 USD

NEW! Light Box

Have your logo or advertisement illuminated on a 4’ x 3’ panel to catch attendee’s eyes on a prominently located light box in the conference area. Sponsor is responsible for providing artwork.

Cost: $2,500 USD

NEW! New Products Email

Send an email message to a targeted group of IDUG Members based on job title or other demographic criteria. IDUG Headquarters will send the email on behalf of the sponsor. Content is subject to IDUG approval. Message is required in HTML format, with a maximum of 200 words. Open and click through rates will be provided one week after email launch.

Cost: $2,500 USD, limit five

Exhibit Hall Welcome Reception

Gain more exposure in the exhibit hall and sponsor the Welcome Reception, where beverages and hors d’oeuvres are served. Signs recognizing your company will be placed in the exhibit hall.

Cost: $3,000 USD

Technology Charging Station

Provide a valuable resource to IDUG attendees while being recognized as the sponsor at a technology charging station, set in a high traffic area of the conference facility. Visibility includes your company logo on signage at the charging station.

Cost: $3,000 USD

Lunch Sponsorship

Increase your exposure by sponsoring the lunch served to allattendees. Opportunity includes a chair drop with company literature or a giveaway item placed on each attendee’s seat. Your company logo will be displayed on signage at lunch and on napkins at food and beverage stations. Note: Sponsor to provide literature orgiveaway item and subject to approval by IDUG.

Cost: $3,500 USD, per day

Logo on Onsite-Pocket Program

Distributed to all attendees, this schedule will serve as a guide for navigating the conference. Your company logo will appear on this frequently referenced piece of conference collateral.

Cost: $4,000 USD, exclusive


Keynote Sponsorship

Keynote presentations are the heart of all IDUG conferences—and the best attended event overall. Reach hundreds of attendees as your company logo is prominently displayed on the session materials placed on each seat!

Cost: $5,000 USD


Hotel Room Literature Drop

Extend your reach to attendee hotel rooms by submitting one piece of your promotional literature to be delivered directly to the doors of IDUG attendees. Materials to be supplied by sponsor and must be approved by IDUG. Drop dates are available on a first come, first served basis.

Cost: $4,000 USD


Badge Holders

Attendees must wear their badges throughout the week to gain access to conference events. Gain extra visibility for your company by placing your company logo and trackable URL on the conference badges.

Cost: $4,500 USD, exclusive


Mobile App

This package will give you the most prominent presence throughout the App. Exclusive Sponsorship Package includes:

  • Exclusivity: Maximize your exposure as the only sponsor throughout the entire Mobile App
  • Logo recognition: Alignment through Mobile App promotions pre-event, during event and post-event
  • Banner ads: Create an ad to be displayed throughout the Mobile App conference event pages including the Event Information Screen, Twitter Feed, My Information, My Agenda, Maps, Vendor Directory, Event Blog and Session Search


Cost: $5,000 USD, exclusive

Photo Booth in the Exhibit Hall

Give IDUG attendees a unique event experience and a takeaway with your company logo on each photo strip printed for attendees. Wherever attendees post their photo strip is where your logo will also be displayed!

Cost: $5,000 USD

Investments $6,000 and Over

Registration Bag

Your company will receive extensive visibility at the conference as attendees carry a piece with your company logo printed on the front during the event and beyond. Registration bags areprovided to every attendee upon check-in at registration.

Cost: $6,000 USD, exclusive

NEW! Footprints from Registration to Your Booth

Increase foot traffic to your booth in the exhibit hall via a path of foot prints startingat the hall entrance and leading to your booth. 

Cost: $7,500 USD

NEW! Travel Chargers

Attendees love to be connected at all times, and your company will keep their devices charged by sponsoring the travel charger. IDUG will provide the chargers featuring your company logo, which will be given to all attendees with their registration materials. 

Cost: $8,000 USD

Wi-Fi Sponsorship

Internet service is available to IDUG attendees for searching, retrieving email and perusing the Online Conference Proceedings. As a sponsor, attendees will be redirected to a website of your choice when they log in.

Cost: $8,000 USD, exclusive