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    IDUG DB2 Tech Conference Presentation Archive

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    Bill Arledge The DDF in a Nutshell (B01) Details
    Billy Sundarrajan DB2 z/OS - Hands free approach to maintenance of multi terabyte tables (B13) Details
    Billy Sundarrajan De-mystifing JDBC Universal Drivers - for the z/OS DBA (B02) Details
    Chris Crone DB2 and System z Synergy (A11) Details
    Chris Crone Faster Fetch, Insert, Update (MERGE) - DB2 for z/OS Multiple Row Processing (E05) Details
    Craig Mullins The Return of the DB2 Top Ten Lists (B15) Details
    Cristian Molaro Monitoring and troubleshooting distributed access to DB2 for z/OS (B03) Details
    Cuneyt Goksu Lessons Learned from Isbank - A Story of a DB2 for z/OS initiative (F13) Details
    Dale Mcinnis HADR - is it a complete solution? (D03) Details
    Daniel Luksetich SQL Search and Scroll Techniques in DB2 for z/OS (E17) Details
    Dave Beulke Database Performance Discoveries and Recommendations (F01) Details
    Davy Goethals All you Ever Wanted to Know about DB2 and DFSORT (B14) Details
    Frank Petersen A DB2 Hitchhikers Guide to RMF and SMF (B05) Details
    Haakon Roberts Utilities Update - DB2 10 for z/OS Preview (A14) Details
    Haakon Roberts DB2 10 Availability Enhancements (A06) Details
    Isaac Yassin DB2 restart & shutdown deep dive (B09) Details
    James Pickel DB2 10 for z/OS Security Enhancements (A05) Details
    Jeff Gross IFI you don't know, ask! (B16) Details
    Jim Dee Squeeze the Most Out of your Indexes in DB2 9! (B12) Details
    Jim Dee Rev up your SQL Applications with Enhanced Statistics! (B04) Details
    John Campbell DB2 for z/OS Optimising Insert Performance (A15) Details
    John Campbell Hard Lessons Learned From Customer Health Check Studies (B10) Details
    John Campbell DB2 for z/OS V9 and V10 Enhancements for System Programmers (A04) Details
    John Tobler DB2 10 for z/OS Performance Preview (A13) Details
    Karelle Cornwell Hash Access to DB2 Data - Faster, Better, Cheaper (A10) Details
    Kurt Struyf Pro-actively health checking queries and tuning, is there a doctor in the house? (E16) Details
    Marcel Levy What is your Plan for DB2 for z/OS Access Path Stability? (B08) Details
    Maryela Weihrauch DB2 for z/OS and Websphere Update (A09) Details
    Meir Zohar Digging for Gold - In Legacy Applications (F06) Details
    Namik Hrle Introducing IBM Smart Analytics Optimizer - DB2 Performance Revolution (A17) Details
    Namik Hrle DB2 10 - What's in it for SAP and Enterprise Applications (A07) Details
    Norbert Jenninger Don't miss to look at the DB2 trace records (F07) Details
    Patric Becker The Next Level: Data Warehousing with DB2 V10 and System zNext (A16) Details
    Phil Grainger Automated Index Optimisation - Is It Even Possible? (F03) Details
    Rick Bowers DB2 for z/OS Trends and Future Direction (A03) Details
    Robert Catterall DB2 Stored Procedures - Trends and Technology (E14) Details
    Robert Catterall Mainframe DB2 Data Warehousing 2010 (F11) Details
    Roger Miller DB2 10 for z/OS Overview (A01) Details
    Roger Miller DB2 10 for z/OS Migration Planning (A02) Details
    Steve Thomas Can you really change DB2 for z/OS Schemas Online? (B17) Details
    Steve Thomas RRF - is it possible to have too much of a good thing? (B11) Details
    Suresh Sane DB2 10 Application topics - A sneak preview (A12) Details
    Suresh Sane DB2 9 SQL Features - Richer and Faster! (E10) Details
    Suresh Sane Ask not what the Optimizer can do for you - Ask what you can do for the Optimizer! (E03) Details
    Susan Lawson Exploiting Indexes and Influencing DB2 Usage (F10) Details
    Svenn-Aage Soenderskov The Importance of Test Environments in z/OS (F08) Details
    Terry Purcell What's new from the optimizer in DB2 10 for z/OS? (A08) Details
    Terry Purcell How and Why of DB2 9 for z/OS SQL Performance Features (E04) Details
    Test Admin IBM Infosphere Q-replication & Event Publisher - A User experience. (F16) Details
    Test Admin DB2 Hidden treasures - new posibilities (F09) Details
    Test Admin Protect DB2 subsystems (B07) Details
    Tony Andrews Top 25 Tuning Tips for DB2 SQL Application Developers (Part 1) (E08) Details
    Tony Andrews Top 25 Tuning Tips for DB2 SQL Application Developers (Part 2) (E09) Details
    Troy Coleman XML for z/OS COBOL Developers (E11) Details
    Ulf Heinrich DB2 9 Package Stability: Migration, System and Daily Database Maintenance (F12) Details
    Zeljen Stanic Let's dance with DB2 (F14) Details

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