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    Sep 26

    auto starting DAS, DB2 UDB on AIX

    Catherine McBride
    We have a new RS6000 running DB2 UDB release 8.1 Does anyone know
    where in AIX we would add our start command for DAS so that the admin server
    would start automatically when AIX starts up?
    Thanks in advance,
    Cathy McBride
    AIX newbie

    Paul Turpin
    The command is db2iauto. The syntax is
    db2iauto -on <instance name> to turn on auto-start


    db2iauto -off <instance name> to turn off auto-start

    You will need to do a db2iauto for each instance you want to auto-start.

    To verify that it has been turned on, you will need to issue a
    db2set -all

    If you see something like:

    Then it is on.

    You can find out additional information about db2iauto at the DB2
    Information Center:

    Just search on db2iauto.

    Martin Flavell
    The following is a quote from the operations doc I wrote for my current

    2 Database Start-up

    This should be a completely automatic process, requiring no user
    intervention to set up or run.

    AIX uses the script /etc/inittab to run its initialisation routines. One of
    the lines in here refers to DB2, and causes the initialisation to run

    /etc/rc.db2 is a script that sets the default DB2 installation directory
    and runs $DB2DIR/instance/db2istrt (currently DB2DIR="/usr/lpp/db2_07_01")

    db2istrt checks the user and password files and then runs dasilist and
    db2ilist to get the names of the DB2 Administration Server and all the
    instances known on that machine. It then starts the DB2 Administration
    Server and all the instances listed.

    The databases will become active when they are first used.


    Martin Flavell

    IBM Certified Solutions Expert -- DB2 V7.1 Database Administration for
    Systems Support Specialist
    Thesaurus Computer Services Ltd.
    Technical Infrastructure and Professional Services

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