TCP/IP Heads-up Windows Creators update

Roy Boxwell

TCP/IP Heads-up Windows Creators update
Hi All!

I know this is not a DB2 topic but this is soooo bad I thought I should warn you all!

One of our developers updated his laptop to the Windows 10 Creators update and then attempted to start PersComm 3270. It didn't start and ended up "stuck" so he cancelled the task and carried on doing other stuff.
Our sysops suddenly noticed a *massive* rise in TCP/IP traffic hitting the mainframe...
TCP/IP started causing system wide grief...
Mainframe had to be IPLed and as it was closing down TCP/IP blurted out about 5000 lines of error messages
Laptop user then saw that two tasks from PersComm will still running in the background and basically doing a DoS on our mainframe machine!

If you use any current version of IBM PersComm 3270 (we have tried four different versions) then do *not* update to Creators yet!!!

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