IDUG was so excited to host our first on-site conference in Australia since 2019! This year was the premier of a new meeting model for IDUG and for Australasia: three stand-alone conferences in three different locations. 

Each AUSTRALASIA 2023 site had a full one-day conference followed by more sessions and z/OS and LUW workshops the next day (the conferences in all cities are very similar and are essentially being repeated in each location). These were three separate AUS23 events—from which you chose your location—and there was no hybrid or online registration option available this year.  

If you were a Db2 User attending the IDUG 2023 Australasia Db2 Tech Conference, your registration included

a voucher to take the z/OS certification exam [to be distributed via email after the conference], or

the opportunity to sit for the LUW badging exam while at your event location.

Thank you to our Partners and Sponsors


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