Featured Keynote Speakers

Tuesday, May 16 8:20-9:20 am

Live, Buy, Try Or Die - What's In Your AI?

presented by Paul Zikopoulos, Vice President Skills Vitality & Enablement, IBM

Trust is a foundational building block of society. So, can you trust your AI? If we accept that AI is going to be a relevant part of our future, it is important to establish trust in our AI systems. Today, we regularly rely on AI models without having a clear understanding of their capabilities, knowledge or training processes. Not only can this present danger, but it can create challenges in governance adherence (GDPR), earning business, protecting consumers, reputations, and more. So what kind of actor do you and your company want to be… good or bad... in this new AI space?    

There is an old Canadian hockey saying, “Don’t go to where the puck is, go where it’s going to be.” Trust, ethics, and bias aren’t getting as much attention as they should. But with regulations such as GDPR, the ubiquitous headlines of data lost or mis-used and, especially, with the hot topic of Generative AI (think ChatGPT, among others), this is the big discussion you must be having (or will soon be forced to have) in your boardroom as you plan out or evolve your AI strategy.

In this turbo-charged and high-octane presentation, you’ll learn about a framework for building trust into AI. You’ll learn about explainability and, of course, about keeping AI ‘safe’ from hackers, crackers, and spies (oh my!). In short, you’ll be where the AI puck is going to be. 

Wednesday, May 17 8:00-9:00 am

Creating Value With Mainframe - Bigger Together 

presented by Greg Lotko, SVP & General Manager, Broadcom Mainframe Software

Enterprises around the world are under increasing pressure to be nimble. They need to respond quickly with new value to stay competitive. The myth is that enterprises that run on the mainframe are slow to respond. But, open technologies and automation are empowering mainframe developers and DBAs to keep society humming like never before. Join Greg Lotko, SVP & GM, Broadcom MSD, as he dispels the myth. He will highlight how mainframe data professionals can harness the power of both Db2 for z/OS and the community that backs it to create exciting new value. You’ll walk away with a renewed sense that the path to realizing the full value of your Db2 and mainframe investment is closer than ever. 

Thursday, May 18 8:00-9:00 am

Balancing Technology, Risk & Resources - We Are Db2 Leadership

presented by IDUG's Women In Technology (WIT) Panel [Florence Dubois, Nationwide Building Society (UK); Sowmya Kameswaran, IBM; Krupal Swami, Team Swami]; sponsored by Broadcom & moderated by Broadcom's Deborah Carbo

The North America 2023 IDUG Women in Technology keynote address will feature a panel of industry experts, who will come together for a discussion on leadership in Db2. Together they bring decades of experience and will cover issues facing infrastructure managers including technology modernization, risk management, talent, retirement, leadership, and influence.

Florence Dubois

Sowmya Kameswaran

Krupal Swami

Deborah Carbo