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IBM Cloud Data Services Introduces IBM DB2 on Cloud

By Daniel Luksetich posted Sep 14, 2015 02:09 PM


IBM Cloud Data Services Introduces Infrastructure Flexibility with On-Premises Accessibility with IBM DB2 on Cloud, a Scalable Multi-Workload Relational Database

The IBM Cloud Data Services team is happy to announce the introduction of IBM DB2 on Cloud, a hosted version of IBM’s famous multi-workload relational database that’s hosted by us but administered by you. It combines the power of IBM DB2 with the deployment agility of the cloud, all under your control. This latest release will enable companies to build efficient, resilient, and infinitely scalable data infrastructures, without the wait or cost that come with additional on-premises data center resources


Available on demand as a cloud service via the IBM Bluemix platform, IBM DB2 on Cloud offers the same functionality as its DB2 on-premises counterpart—making it just as suitable for transaction processing and analytics workloads. Rapid cloud deployment and monthly subscription licensing also make it perfect for initiatives like:


  • Building new apps that manage “born in the cloud” data;
  • Moving data workloads from data centers to the cloud;
  • Short-term database projects;
  • Creating off-premises disaster recovery failsafes; and
  • Pushing data to data centers across the globe to facilitate geographic reach and regulatory compliance.


Additionally, IBM DB2 on Cloud is SQL-compatible with Oracle Database, atop compatibility with on-premise versions of IBM DB2—making it easy to migrate application code to and from IBM DB2 on Cloud. Integration with existing applications, security, ETL, messaging, monitoring and systems management tools is also possible because IBM DB2 on Cloud offers the same accessibility as on-premises versions.


Moreover, DB2 on Cloud keeps your data safe in today’s volatile security landscape. IBM DB2 on Cloud includes all traditional DB2 security features, including data encryption in flight and at rest, and full DBA control over database access and operation. For greater ease of mind, IBM DB2 on Cloud is also available on dedicated, single-tenant IBM Cloud servers to help ensure performance is unaffected by “noisy neighbors.”


To request a DB2 on Cloud instance, or learn more about DB2 on Cloud’s Standard and Advanced configurations, security, connectivity, and administration, visit the IBM Bluemix Catalog to view the DB2 on Cloud documentation.