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March 2021 Recap, plus more

By Emil Kotrc posted Mar 30, 2021 10:35 PM


March 2021 Recap, plus more
(by Emil Kotrc)

New DBA topics

The topic for March 2021 was "New DBA" and the main goal was to publish articles especially for new Db2 administrators. I believe it was a very good month and we were able to collect and publish great articles; not only for new DBAs. If you haven't had a chance to read them, see the links below and enjoy them as much as I did when was reviewing them:

  • Martin explained us what it means to be a Data Pioneer
  • Tony made a great summary of Tablespace Recovery
  • Sowmya and Haakon walked us through the Db2 tablespaces and discussed why to use Universal Tablespaces
  • Security is always a difficult topic, fortunately Gayathiri (Gaya) helped us to get familiar with the main areas of Db2 security
  • Brian showed very creative way how to run stored procedures in DBA's traditional tools SPUFI and DSNTEP2

Some more links

IDUG was always a great source of valuable information. At least for me, but I hope for you too. There are many articles available on our website, some of them may be hard to find though. That is why I took some time and collected several interesting articles that fit this month's topic - articles for new database administrators. I hope that you will enjoy them the same way as our newest content. Please, if you have some other links and favorites, share them in the comments below with others. The community and sharing is what keeps IDUG alive and strong.

  • DBAs need to understand SQL too, see this article from Kurt about advanced SQL
  • Designing large OLTP databases for performance is very difficult. Fortunately, John wrote this summary with main considerations.
  • Why do we have routines in Db2? Good question, learn more in this article by John.
  • SQL is always swiss knife of every DBA. Read how to use modern SQL for DBA tasks by Brian.
  • I'm a DBA, not a Developer! Good DBA needs tools, this presentation by Ken will show you some.
  • Do you fully understand Bufferpool I/O? No, then join me with reading this article by John.
  • Don't struggle with locking and finally get unlocked. This article by Kurt should give you a hand.
  • Db2 is no longer your daddy's Db2. What has changed since then? See the video by Craig.
  • What really is a database administration? Check out this blog by Ludovic.
  • Please accept the invitation for a journey from mainframes to data lakes by John.
  • Do you remember enterprise data warehouse, Hadoop, and similar topics. Although, not as hot as in the past, a good DBA should know the broader picture. Read this article by Ludovic about Modern Enterprise Warehouse
  • Transactions. A nice and concise comparison of Db2 and Hadoop transactions by Ludovic.
  • How do you compare databases? Eddy gives us some tips.
  • How to select appropriate data architecture technologies? That is the topic of this article by John.
  • Don't miss listening to Joe and his favorite tuning tips and tricks. Best user presentation at IDUG EMEA 2017!
  • Where to start with SQL tuning? Eddy has some hints.
  • You should never miss an article by Dan. Here is one about simple DBA tools.
  • To understand the Db2 family, please make sure to read this article by David.
  • One friend of mine was using DSNUTILU for their automation. Maybe, you should consider it too?
  • Don't get confused with DevOps and see how it relates to Db2 reading this article by Craig.
  • Some people tend to be lazy, but a lazy DBA? Make sure to read this blog by Julia.
  • Data security is one often of the DBA's responsibilities, learn more about the encryption by Gaya.
  • Are you agile enough? And should you? Ludovic shared some thoughts here.
  • Db2 log is my favorite topic. I used to understand many bytes and bits of it. If you like to learn more, see this article by Martin.
  • Are you sure you need all those copies of the data? Joe goes into details.
  • Why would you want to use XML or JSON in your database? John explains on an use case.
  • Oh, there are some money hidden in your database. Make sure you understand the licensing options by reading Ian's article. And please don't share any changes since the time the article was written in the comments below.
  • DBAs and Developers? Phil has a trick how to use CLPPlus as a bridge between DBAs and Developers.
  • It is always great to read someone's personal experience. Read this perspective from Chris.
  • DBAs as well developers should always understand the errors. Dan shares how to read them.
  • To my surprise not everyone was aware of Command Line Processor for Db2 for z/OS running on USS. Here is what I wrote.
  • DSNTEP2, sometimes called batch SPUFI, is one of the crucial DBAs tools. Learn more here.

Author: Emil Kotrč

Created: 2021-03-30 Tue 16:28