Ian Bjorhovde, XTIVIA

By IDUG Admin posted 27 days ago

Today's member story features Ian Bjorhovde! Ian is an IBM Gold Consultant and the Db2 Team Lead at XTIVIA. Here are a few rapid fire questions and Ian’s reply:

Who is your favorite team? I love the Red Sox, but before 2020 you could also find me at many DBacks games. FUN FACT: Ian has visited 20 of the 30 MLB parks!

Do you have any pets?  I’ve got 2 cats, but my home office has become something of an animal refuge – I share it with a tortoise and a hare (literally)

Coffee, tea, or other? I’ve been called a coffee snob more than a couple of times. In the before times, I would seek out great local coffee shops in the places I’d travel to for work or IDUG conferences.

Now that you know a bit more about Ian, what do you have in common?