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How IDUG Is Transforming the Virtual Conference Experience

By IDUG Admin posted May 17, 2021 12:27 PM


We’re in the final countdown to the kickoff of the IDUG NA Virtual Db2 Tech Conference, and this year is shaping up to be an incredible experience for all attendees. In 2020, the shift to virtual happened so swiftly, we were forced to scale back some of our vision. But this year, we’re poised to deliver double the content compared to 2020, including a whole slate of hands-on sessions, educational seminars, and workshops to allow you to get real-world experience with new solutions.

Throughout the years, IDUG has become well-known in the data community for delivering rich technical content. This year is no exception; we have over 100 dynamic sessions that will give you and your team new insights and ideas to implement on your biggest Db2 projects. Plus, the IDUG conference is a great way to catch up on new updates and the latest releases.

With the move to continuous delivery, IBM has introduced significant changes to Db2 ahead of the next release. And just last week, IBM announced Watson Machine Learning for z/OS 2.3 and Db2 AI for z/OS 1.4. Tuning into the IDUG Conference will give you direct access to the experts as they share behind-the-scenes info and lay out the roadmap for the future. Get your questioned answered and learn first-hand about the latest evolutions in the Db2 sphere.

This year, we’re also introducing more ways to connect to the IDUG community. For the first time we’ll have a dedicated workspace on Slack so that attendees can reach out to one another, share notes, and collaborate. Slack will give you a space to have those spontaneous conversations that usually happen in person. You’ll be able to direct message individuals or groups and have 1:1 video chat. Plus, you can get in touch with speakers and vendor partners, as well as the IDUG team. We’re excited to add this new component to the virtual experience.

With just a few short weeks until the conference, now is a great time to register if you haven’t already. Taking some time before the event to browse the schedule, check out session abstracts, and plan out your days will help you hit the ground running on Monday, June 7. Plus, the Slack workspace will open a week before the conference kickoff so you can get the conversation going early.   

At $299, the IDUG NA Virtual Conference is an incredible value, giving you access to content that can serve as your knowledge base for the year ahead. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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