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October 2022 President's Letter

By Iqbal Goralwalla posted Oct 11, 2022 10:30 AM


Hello again to our IDUG members all over the world! This month will be IDUG’s second face-to-face conference this year and since 2019. Your IDUG leaders, your fellow Db2 user peers and your partner representatives (formerly known as vendor representatives—see below!) look forward to seeing many of you in just a few weeks’ time in Scotland!

I do have a sneak peek to share with my loyal readers here today. And that is that the board of directors has recently decided that IDUG would replace our organization’s term “vendor” with the more accurate word “partner.” We feel strongly—and we believe you’ll agree—that IDUG is engaged in partnerships with these industry organizations and are not merely attached contractually.      

While this change is effective immediately, we know that there will be a rolling period over the rest of this year during which you’ll see the terms vendor and partner interchangeably [especially at EMEA, where our “VSPs” will now also be identified as “PSPs”!]. But please be sure—in Edinburgh and in your own communities—to thank our Db2 partners for their support of IDUG.            

The 2022 EMEA conference will be produced as a hybrid event; that is, you can choose to attend ON-SITE or to participate ONLINE. If you want quick info on EMEA’s agenda and sponsors, click here.

My quick item for you to consider now to bolster your career development and to enhance your effective utilization of Db2 in 2022 and beyond remains the same as last month: Register NOW for the 2022 IDUG EMEA Db2 Tech Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, on October 22-26!

IDUG is honored to strengthen everyone in this community by providing the highest quality education and services for Db2. We appreciate your support! Until next time—wherever you may be reading this—stay healthy and stay safe.