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December 2022 President's Letter

By Iqbal Goralwalla posted Dec 15, 2022 01:00 AM


Hello again to our IDUG members all over the world!

If you’ve read my posts all year, you’ve read my excitement and pride about IDUG’s return to face-to-face events for our members in 2022. And if you’ve asked about 2023 events, I’ve requested your patience and understanding. I am now ready—and more thrilled than ever—to make several big announcements regarding next year’s IDUG conferences worldwide!


IDUG 2023 India Db2 Tech Conference

Our IND23 conference will be two stand-alone events (February 28 in Chennai & March 2 in Bengaluru)         

IDUG 2023 Australasia Db2 Tech Conference

Our AUS23 conference will be three stand-alone events in Australia (March 16-17 in Melbourne, March 20-21 in Canberra & March 23-24 in Sydney)


IDUG 2023 North America Db2 Tech Conference

Our NA23 conference will be May 16-19 in Philadelphia, USA


IDUG 2023 Latin America Db2 Tech Conference

Our LA23 conference will be two stand-alone events in Mexico City, Mexico & Sao Paulo, Brazil (exact dates in August to be confirmed)         


IDUG 2023 EMEA Db2 Tech Conference

Our EMEA23 conference for Europe, Middle East & Africa, will be Oct 16-19 in Prague, Czechia


The IDUG website will be updated regularly over the coming weeks and we will be distributing registration and education information via social media and all of our communications channels.

My quick item for you to consider now for IDUG is to take a moment and think about the volunteers in your area who selflessly serve our organization. They contribute to committees or RUGs. They serve as speakers or bloggers. They do all this for our Db2 community on their own time and, often, on their own dime. Who came to your mind first? One in particular? A handful? Take a moment this month to send them a quick note to thank them for the sometimes-thankless things they do for Db2 and for you. I will be sending a few notes myself. And I know yours will be appreciated beyond measure.    

 IDUG is honoured to strengthen everyone in this community by providing the highest quality education and services for Db2. We appreciate your support! Until next time (until 2023!)—wherever you may be reading this—Happy Holidays to you and yours.  



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Dec 16, 2022 08:51 AM

Hi Iqbal
I'm pleased to read how strongly we will be present in 2023, I'm really excited to see these countries where specialists and consultants will show current topics on Db2, on any architecture.
This coming year is the opportunity to show our customers that they can count on us in large projects to improve their core business to boost their growth.
It is very important that they, our customers, know that we can guide and educate them on those topics that they know little about any Db2 product. I have no doubt that these little things will bring them substantial improvements in their projects.
Finally, putting a hand on a customer's shoulder will always be remembered.