An Introduction to db2mon

By Kostas Rakopoulos posted Jul 21, 2020 07:02 AM


An Introduction to db2mon

The need for db2mon

When monitoring table functions became the recommended way to view Db2 monitoring statistics back in Db2 version 9.7, we needed a simple way to collect and consume all that rich monitoring data. Being able to use SQL to query and analyze the monitoring data is great but most of the metrics are cumulative since database activation. This means in order to get a view of metrics for a certain time period (for example, the last hour) you need to take before and after samples and then compute the delta to see what database activity was happening during that interval.

We created db2mon to not only perform these delta calculations but also to produce insightful reports from the monitoring data. These reports help to more easily understand what the system is doing and what the top bottlenecks are. The MONREPORT.DBSUMMARY procedure is similar but only contains a tiny fraction of the information provided by the db2mon reports.

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