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My Seven Magic Years on the EMEA CPC

By Mateja Jankovic posted Nov 07, 2020 02:04 PM


My Seven Magic Years on the EMEA CPC

It's autumn and one of the best events is approaching—IDUG EMEA!

As a member of the Conference Planning Committee I was involved in the organization of these events for seven years—an unforgetable journey from conference to conference with seven great teams (hello to all my colleagues) .

What drives me to be so involved in IDUG as a volunteer?

First, I like the energy I feel in the community. It's always inspiring to collaborate with people who like to learn and share knowledge. It's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. In my experience most of us developed real frienships with folks from all around the world.

Second, you get experiences in different fields, taking on roles you wouldn't believe you could handle. So you grow—as an expert and as a person.

IDUG represents a fantastic experience in my life, not just related to my professional career. In the pictures below you can see the smiling faces of the members of the seven magic IDUG EMEA Conference Planning Committees (2013–2019) from various places around the Europe—Barcelona, Prague, Dublin, Brussels, Lisbon, Malta, and Rotterdam.

This year there are new challenges, and the conference is moving online. The CPC is doing a great job bringing the technical EMEA content to a virtual platform—check out the conference agenda!

Same as every year, I can hardly wait to attend for a first-class education in Db2. I believe it will be a fantastic event. Registration is open—don't miss out!