IDUG Tech Talk: "I'm a DBA, not a Developer!" – with Apologies to Dr. Leonard McCoy

By Ken Shaffer posted Sep 20, 2016 10:14 AM


DBAs frequently get called on to develop “quick” database scripts and programs, never mind that we don’t have the time, the tools, or the training. From a quick, little runstats script in ksh, to a full blown application to load data or “fix a few rows”, it seems that if it is in the database, it’s my job to fix it!

This presentation gives examples of several programming languages commonly used with DB2 LUW (SQL/PL, ksh, perl/dbi, java/jdbc/jpa, udf, XML) and discuss the plusses and minuses of each. It will also share some tools, utilities, functions and tips for coding database programs in each one. Heavy emphasis is placed on error handling, as this is one of areas that is most often overlooked or under developed.

Ken Shaffer has been a DB2 Consultant for fifteen years, specializing in LUW systems. He has worked on a variety of large databases for large corporate and government clients. Most of these projects have involved deploying and supporting mission critical applications where constant availability and high performance are required. Ken is an IBM Champion and finished second in the 2014 DB2’s Got Talent Competition. He worked as a DB2 DBA on the mainframe somewhere around the v2.2 timeframe. However, the details are a bit fuzzy… In between, Ken was a COBOL / SQL developer and a C / SQL developer. He then spent over ten years as a UNIX systems administrator, supporting almost every flavor of UNIX except AIX. (His LUW experience has remedied that).


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