IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Malta offers world-class education

By Fred Sobotka posted Nov 08, 2018 10:42 AM

Written By Fred Sobotka, Db2 Gold Consultant, FRS Consulting 
This week’s IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Malta offers world-class education that not only brings DBAs and developers them up to date with Db2, but also helps them navigate the landscape of data science, fast data, regulatory compliance, and machine learning. Well over 100 sessions in seven parallel conference threads pack so much education into four days that it makes you wish you could be in two or three places at once.
As a data management consultant and longtime IDUG attendee, I’m accustomed to the quandary posed by all these sessions, and the choices here in Malta are downright impressive. Let’s take a quick look.
Db2 Gold Consultant Ember Crooks walks through the methodology and commands to conduct a health check on a Db2 LUW database (session D16). It’s definitely worth attending this session in person, even in the early morning time slot after a night of vendor parties.
On the z/OS side, Kurt Struyf, also a Db2 Gold Consultant, reviews Db2 12 enhancements that benefit application DBAs (session B10).
IDUG attendees enjoy extensive access to IBM analytics executives and top Db2 lab developers from all over the world, sharing their deep knowledge in expert panels, keynotes, and dozens of conference sessions. IBM-led presentations aren’t the only sessions I attend, but they are a major part of my IDUG conference experience. Here are just a few I’m looking forward to seeing.
Db2 Chief Architect Keri Romanufa kicks off the week with a sweeping tour of Db2 11.1 and where it’s headed (session C1). That level of detail from such an authoritative IBM source puts the Chief Architect’s presentation on my must-see list at any IDUG conference.
Senior Technical Staff Member Calisto Zuzarte explains the techniques the Db2 optimizer uses to efficently process highly complex analytical queries (session C9).
STSM and Master Inventor Adam Storm introduces Db2 Event Store as a next-generation HTAP platform for IoT, streams, and fast data (session G5).
Db2 Principal Product Manager Jon Lind demonstrates the insights that Data Science Experience (Watson Studio) can reveal in database performance statistics stored by Data Server Manager (session G12).
Technical Offering Manager Henrik Loeser is back with another cool way to access Db2, this time from Slack and Facebook Messenger (session E8)
There are plenty more IDUG conference presentations on my list, but I’ve got to run to the next session.