IDUG 25th Anniversary: Presentations and Publications We Need to Succeed!

By Bernie O'Connor posted Sep 25, 2013 03:20 PM


I could probably turn out 20 favorite [IDUG] memories....

1) Like the majority of attendees, I look forward to Melanie Stopfer’s IDUG presentations. No one who has heard her speak would be surprised that she is a member of the IDUG Speaker Hall of Fame, frequently receives “Best Speaker” accolades, or that she has received numerous awards for “all things DB2”. I so admire her ability to take a complex technical issue, break it down to the important parts and then successfully explain the concepts to a diverse audience. She is my mentor, and over the years has also become my friend. One of my best IDUG memories was attending one of Melanie’s excellent presentations and hearing her tell the audience that she had previewed my planned IDUG presentation, found it excellent, and recommended attendance. I think I floated out of my chair when I heard that!

2) During one of the IDUG NA networking events, Susan Visser (Program Manager – Publishing IBM) introduced me to “the” Roger Sanders. Like most DB2 DBAs, Roger’s numerous books have provided my DB2 LUW technical foundation for years and I admit that I was more than a little star struck. I was sure that Roger didn’t want to be bothered by someone who had never published. I was wrong. Roger was very interested in my ideas, my writing style and my ambitions. He and I both missed several hours of scheduled sessions while he patiently listened to me explain my planned book and then he took the time to provide invaluable suggestions to help me meet my goals. Since then, we have become close friends, but I must confess, I will always be in awe of Roger and his prolific talent.

Rebecca Bond, CISSP

Rebecca Bond, an IBM Information Champion, industry recognized independent consultant and author of the only published book specific to DB2 LUW security, "Understanding DB2 9 Security", enjoys sharing technical lessons learned from her experiences in government, healthcare and financial consulting roles. Rebecca holds numerous advanced IBM certifications covering all aspects of DB2 and is an expert at balancing the twin needs of robust security and accelerated performance. Her unique background provides a wealth of pertinent database and security puzzlers, which she delights in helping us understand and solve via articles, blog posts and presentations. Her website is

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Judy Nall, Susan Visser and Melanie Stopfer celebrate the new book on DB2 10 for Linux, Unix and Windows.