New IDUG Tech Talk - Tuning Queries with IBM Data Studio by David Simpson

By Daniel Luksetich posted Jul 19, 2013 07:13 PM


Our performance thread continues this month with another IDUG Tech Talk webinar. Query tuning is an essential piece to the database performance puzzle. While the database engine on either DB2 platform does a good job of access path selection, there are still situations where a DBA or developer needs to review an access path. DB2 provides a wealth of information when a query is explained and it can be quite difficult to understand it all. IBM Data Studio is a free download that allows for, among other things, the graphical view of a query's access path. In this IDUG Tech Talk webinar, David Simpson of Themis Inc. gives a great introduction to IBM Data Studio and provides a step-by-step guide to explaining a query using the tool.

"IBM has taken query tuning to a new level with IBM Data Studio. More detail is available than ever before. However, the tool does take some getting used to, especially for folks who are used to a green screen-based query tuning experience. This presentation introduces you to IBM Data Studio and gets you started tuning queries."

Watch “Tuning Queries with IBM Data Studio” on ON24 video link

This presentation and many other excellent DB2 videos are available for on-demand viewing on the IDUG Tech Talk channel.