Help Learning to use IBM Data Studio

By David Simpson posted Jun 11, 2014 04:47 AM


IBM Data Studio is a no-charge download that provides lots of functionality for working with DB2 databases on all platforms.  IBM Data Studio is built on the Eclipse IDE and is therefore fairly easy for Java Developers to learn and use since many Java development tools are also built on this platform.  For others there can be a learning curve since one must learn both the IDE as well as functionality specific to IBM Data Studio.

This post will help direct you to some resources for finding out more about IBM Data Studio. 

Follow this link for some “silent” videos provided by IBM that will help with different aspects of the product.  Thanks to Saghi Amirsoleymani of IBM for pointing us at these:

Here is another presentation that Saghi gave at the New England DB2 User Group dealing with the Query Tuning features:

This link has another presentation from the New England DB2 User Group that functions as an Introduction to IBM Data Studio:

Stored procedure development is also a big feature of IBM Data Studio.  Although this redbook is a couple of years old it is still the most comprehensive discussion of this aspect of the product:

Keep watching this blog for more detailed discussion of particular pieces of IBM Data Studio.