DB2 Basics: Writing SQL with Examples on DB2 10.5 System Views and Table Functions

By Ember Crooks posted Jan 14, 2016 06:25 AM


Some DBAs write SQL every day and others not as much. Come and learn the basics of writing SQL along with a few tips on more advanced features of SQL. Examples will use system views and table functions available in DB2 10.5. This video is geared towards DBAs who don't write SQL on a regular basis and anyone who wants to take a basic look at writing SQL.

  • Understand the SELECT list
  • Explore the variety of joins, and best practices for clear join syntax
  • Using subselects, both correlated and non-correlated
  • Understanding the GROUP BY clause and aggregate functions
  • A few more advanced concepts, including common table expressions and the MERGE statement

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Ember Crooks is a DB2 for LUW DBA Team Lead at Xtivia. She is responsible for the design, build, and support of a wide range of DB2 databases for multiple clients. Ember has 14 years of experience with DB2 on Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms. She is the founder and principal author of the popular technical blog where she educates others through example and case study. Ember is an IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Champion for Information Management.