What's New for BLU in DB2 11

By Matthias Nicola posted Mar 08, 2017 03:06 PM


This month's IDUG Tech Talk video was recorded at the 2016 IDUG DB2 EMEA Tech Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

DB2 11 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows includes a broad set of enhancements to BLU Acceleration, taking the columnar in-memory database technology to a new level of maturity, performance, and scalability. This session provides an overview of new features and improvements in BLU Acceleration, including BLU DPF, native columnar sort and OLAP processing, columnar temporary tables, insert and update parallelism, richer support for SQL functions, ETL improvements, extended codepage support, and other functional and performance enhancements. The new features will be presented through a series of examples with usage guidelines and best practices.

  • Get a comprehensive overview new features for BLU in DB2 11
  • Learn which restrictions have been lifted and which ones still exist
  • Get a set of practical examples that show the BLU enhancements in context

Matthias Nicola is the technical lead for IBM Cloud Data Services in Europe. Previously he worked in the DB2 development team as a senior technical staff member at IBM's Silicon Valley Lab, USA. His expertise includes DB2 BLU, Temporal Data Management, pureXML, performance, and emerging technologies in DB2. Matthias works with customers and business partners to help them design, optimize and implement DB2 and Cloud solutions.

How to watch: This in-depth presentation about BLU Acceleration enhancements in DB2 11.1 is available for on-demand viewing on YouTube and On24.



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