DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS V5 introduces new use cases with accelerator-only tables

By Peter Bendel posted Mar 09, 2016 07:45 AM


DB2 Analytics Accelerator V5.1 is available now.

Version 5.1 of DB2 Analytics Accelerator opens up a new dimension of analytical processing by introducing accelerator-only tables and in-database analytics .


Accelerator-only tables can benefit statistics and analytics tools that use temporary data for reports. The high velocity of execution enables these tools to quickly gather all required data.
Accelerator-only tables enable acceleration of data transformations implemented via SQL statements. Storing interim results in accelerator-only tables enables subsequent queries or data transformations to process all relevant data on the accelerator with high speed
In-database analytics capabilities enable acceleration of predictive analytics applications. This enables SPSS/Netezza Analytics data mining and in-database modeling to be processed within the Accelerator.


Refer to the following links for a complete list of new functions, solved problems and prerequisites:

Release Notes

Prerequisites and Maintenance

Introductory presentation with many more details about V5 in the DB2 Analytics Accelerator community on IBM developerworks: