News from the North America conference

By Paul Turpin posted May 10, 2017 09:17 AM


It has been a great honor serving as your President this year. I will now be moving into my new role as the Past President of IDUG.


I was glad to see many of you at the IDUG Tech Conference in Anaheim, California and the Data Tech Summit last week. The weather in Anaheim was fantastic and so was the conference.


The conference started out with a keynote session from Mike Gualtieri that covered a number of machine learning topics. This was followed by an analytics session by Daniel Hernandez.


This year I served as the chair for the new Data Tech Summit event, so I spent a lot of time attending sessions at that event. The event was collocated with the main event, so the sessions were right down the hall from the IDUG sessions. I was able to learn a lot about Spark, machine learning and several other new technologies.


The exhibit hall has been very busy with attendees meeting with vendors. We are very appreciative of the support IDUG receives from the vendors. I hope many of you were able to meet the new IDUG President, Luc Vandaele, at the IDUG Tech Conference in Anaheim.


Registration for the Australasia Conference is open. This year it is being held in Melbourne September 12 – 14.


Registration for the EMEA Conference is open. This year it is being held in Lisbon Portugal October 1 - 5.


There is an upcoming replay of the Themis webcast scheduled for June 1st that you won’t want to miss. Check the IDUG website for details.