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By Pete Suhner posted May 06, 2013 09:48 AM


Just in case you missed this opportunity: As an attendee of IDUG NA 2013, you can upload your pictures to share them on the IDUG Page. Simply click the link and start uploading (size limit is 2MB per photo).



Jun 04, 2013 11:31 AM

Fun with SQL


What form for the manuals? Hardcopy? memory stick? It's a bit of a challenge, especially if people don't have their own PC. We tried to get two projectors but the cost was prohibitive. I'll try to bring multiple memory sticks nex time. any other suggestions will be appreciated.


May 09, 2013 02:17 PM

Fun with SQL

The Fun with SQL session was a good time.  It would have been a bit better if every team had access to manuals so you can work ahead on the problems.