Have you packed your bags for Charlotte yet?

By Mirna Kos posted May 25, 2019 01:02 AM


Even though I've learned a lot during my time with IDUG, there is still plenty that I have not learned or mastered yet. One of these things is packing and preparing for a conference (or any other kind of trip for that matter).

For some reason, there is this huge amount of work that I always try to squeeze in and finish before traveling. Some of it makes sense since there is actual additional work to prepare for the trip, meeting, or conference. But some of it just doesn't.

This past month has not been any different. It's been amazing how much additional work and hours need to be put into last-minute tasks. I've seen friends and colleagues around me do the same. Both at work (as if it won't wait for us) and home (as if all will stop functioning while we're away).

Are we trying to squeeze all the work from that time we will not be available into a few days (or better: the last day) before we leave? Is it at all possible? Or are we just finishing everything that is due anyway but we delayed until the last moment?

Anyway, I'm still hoping that THIS time I won't end up packing at the last moment, up until 3 AM with my flight leaving around 6 AM, as I usually do. I'm also hoping that you handle your last minute preparations a bit better than me, :) don't you?

With my June blog post I will be saying goodbye to all my trusted readers. The IDUG NA is coming up and that is the time when IDUG changing of guards takes place.

The past year was eventful and required a lot of energy and focus to pull through, and I wouldn't be able to make it without all the IDUG volunteers who work selflessly and dedicate their time and energy to this organization.

Hence, a huge Thank you!!! to all of you IDUG volunteers!

Thanks for all the support—it made me feel stronger. Thanks to all the challenges—they showed me ways to grow. Thanks to all the challengers who changed their minds and became supporters over the course of the year. :)

Also a huge Thank you!!! to all my readers, to all IDUG members, speakers, sponsors, vendors, staff, and every other Db2 affiliated individual who's part of our community.

I'm hoping to see lot of you in Charlotte! However, if IDUG NA is not on your calendar for this year, do check out the other IDUG events coming up in the following months—there's quite a list, with some brand new additions!


I've had fun writing this blog!