Performance Applies to DBAs and Well as Databases - New Tech Talk!

By Daniel Luksetich posted Jul 20, 2013 03:10 PM


Hospital Building
Performance applies to people as well as processes. DBAs need to stay on their toes, take on all sorts of responsibilities, and keep themselves current. IDUG Hall of Fame Speaker Robert Goodman of Florida Hospital takes his many years of experience and shares the knowledge of how to be a highly effective DBA in his top ten award winning IDUG NA 2012 presentation. 

Here is Robert's abstract:

"Today database administration is all about doing more with less. We are constantly asked to expand the role and scope of DBA responsibilities without additional resources. Learn the foundation principles that are the underpinning of highly effective DBAs and how you can use them to transform your job. You are invited on a database journey to explore some practical ways these principles have been put into practice in the largest hospital in the United States."

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