DB2 Cancun: A Technical Overview

By Matt Huras posted Dec 02, 2014 09:39 AM


Hi everyone.  In the DB2 labs, we've been very busy over the past few months getting our Cancun release (aka 10.5 FP4) ready.   Even though it's mechanically a fixpack, this level of DB2 contains some very exciting new capabilities.   Please join me as I take you through them.  

You'll hear about ...


  • A whole new level of performance, compression and simplicity with our BLU acceleration technology 
  • Shadow tables - a new way to get real-time answers to your reporting and analytical questions, using our BLU acceleration technology directly on operational data 
  • Achieving mission critical availability more quickly and at lower cost, through new pureScale network options, virtualization support, and HADR support for BLU 
  • Bringing the power of BLU acceleration to your Oracle applications, via support for SQL and PL/SQL compatibility with BLU 
  • Superior performance and less disruption for SAP environments, thru new comprehensive SAP certification for BLU 
  • POWER8 support and exploitation - the world's first database optimized for this new processor 

... and several other interesting capabilities.

The video, recorded at the IDUG EMEA Technical Conference in Prague this November, can be viewed online as an IDUG Tech Talk.

 Please logon to the IDUG web site with your userid/password to view the video. If you don't have an IDUG userid and password you can get one for free here.

Matt Huras
Chief Architect, DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows

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