Advanced Query Tuning with IBM Data Studio

By Tony Andrews posted Jan 09, 2019 01:29 AM


Advanced Query Tuning with IBM Data Studio by Tony Andrews

Do you make any New Year's resolutions? In case you don't have any Db2 related, we have a suggestion for you. What if you start the New Year with improving the performance of your SQL queries? Learn more about the advanced query tuning by listening to this presentation by Tony Andrews recorded at IDUG North America 2018 in Philadelphia.


Most relational tuning experts agree that the majority of performance problems with applications that access a relational database are caused by poorly coded programs or improperly coded SQL. But there are other areas also that also have an affect on performance. SQL developers should be informed of the many issues associated with the SQL language, the way the tables are designed, associated data statistics, and access path choices from the optimizer.

This presentation is designed for the Db2 LUW or z/OS development professional who desires to understand the fundamental issues associated with performance for their Db2 SQL applications. Emphasis is placed on understanding optimization and the many access paths chosen by the optimizer, along with how to read and understand these access paths using the IBM Data Studio tool. Performance related issues in the areas of database design, indexing, application SQL coding, and data statistics will be addressed. Attendees will take away some great tuning tips and advanced SQL topics.

Link to the presentation