Resolutions and Other Changes

By Mirna Kos posted Jan 04, 2019 02:47 AM


A new year always feels like a fresh clean slate. What are you looking forward to in 2019? My goals include: eat less, excercise more, sleep better, and have lots of fun. :)

For me, this year continues to bring significant changes. Just two weeks ago, I transitioned to a new job after 18 years of working for the same company. It is a huge step for me, but hopefully it will help me reach all the goals I've set.

Only six months ago I was taking on another big change—becoming the IDUG president. Now that I'm halfway through my presidential year, things are looking less intimidating and more fun.

Changes are good; they help us stay focused as we explore and grow. Even small changes, like a new addition to a daily routine, a new favorite song, or even a new wall color in your living room offer the possibility to improve our lives and make us feel better.  I'm very much looking forward to all the changes 2019 will bring!

What changes are you looking to take on this year? Have you considered adding some fantastic volunteer experience to your life? Check out IDUG's open volunteer positions and get involved! There's no better time than right now.

In IDUG, changes are being discussed and implemented all the time–some big and some small. We're always looking for opportunities to grow bigger and stronger. For example, in 2019 IDUG is going to Mexico for the first time, on top of all the other annual events. While you wait for the official announcement, please check out our already announced events in Bengaluru, Chennai, Charlotte, and Rotterdam. Register for Rotterdam by the end of January to take advantage of the loyalty rate!

Also, don't forget to check out the newest articles on the IDUG Content Blog.

Wishing you a fantastic year ahead!