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[Db2 z/OS] (cat) videos in a lob table

  • 1.  [Db2 z/OS] (cat) videos in a lob table

    Posted Oct 20, 2021 03:20 AM
    reposting this since when I posted it I somehow forgot to put a subject and got exactly 0 replies, but I am still searching for a good solution:

    hi all,

    does anyone have an easy, ready made, simple sample app that I can use to upload videos to a LOB on the mainframe from a distributed Db2 LUW instance? Cat videos, I promise, needed for a test with vLOBs and application performance.

    if anyone can also tell me how to SEE those videos (i.e. an app to select) that would be great.



    Stay safe and healthy, y'all