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  • 1.  Db2 LUW - create index w disallow reverse scans

    Posted Mar 16, 2022 02:18 PM
    Hi all,

    I occasionally support a quiet Db2 LUW database.  
    I am reviewing some existing indexes (before creating a new index) and I see some old indexes have been created with "disallow reverse scans"

    Why would one create index and "disallow reverse scan".  The default is "allow reverse scan".  Off hand that seems better.
    Is there some occasional advantage to disallow reverse scan? 
    Or perhaps my example index was created a long time ago and that was the only option in the past?   
    It seems new indexes should "allow reverse scans'....


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    The CREATE INDEX statement is used to define an index on a database table.
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  • 2.  RE: Db2 LUW - create index w disallow reverse scans

    Posted Mar 16, 2022 02:44 PM
    Hi Brian,
    I believe ALLOW REVERSE SCANS was added to LUW at about the same time the Index Advisor came out. I want to say about V6 or V7. The rename to the Design Advisor was about V8 or V9, but I await a correction on this.

    ALLOW REVERSE SCANS has always been the default, and it makes sense. Over the past 20 years, this discussion has come up occasionally, but I just take the default.

    I did a big presentation at IOD 2007 together with Danny, a friend from the Toronto Lab. It has been in the product for a long time.

    I hope this helps.

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  • 3.  RE: Db2 LUW - create index w disallow reverse scans

    Posted Mar 16, 2022 04:09 PM
    Hey Brian and Martin, might the index perhaps be a bit smaller or "compact" assuming there are no reverse-scan pointers?  Might also make an index build a bit faster too.  But I don't think it adds up to a large reduction in space or time to build; however those are the only reasons I can think of for not allowing reverse scan indexing these days.
    And to quote Martin .... I too "await a correction on this."
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  • 4.  RE: Db2 LUW - create index w disallow reverse scans

    Posted Mar 18, 2022 08:59 AM

    Hi Brian, hi Martin,

    just out of curiosity I checked my old PDF manuals, which I still keep on disk. ;-)

    • In DB2 8.x DISALLOW REVERSE SCANS was still default.
    • In DB2 9.1 ALLOW REVERSE SCANS became default, if it was not explicitly stated during index creation.
    • The Index Advisor and the Configuration Advisor were introduced in DB2 V8.1 in January 2003.
    • The syntax CREATE INDEX ... ALLOW REVERSE SCANS was already available in Db2 7.1 (the oldest manuals at hand right now).
    • In DB2 9.7 the Type-1 indexes became invalid https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/db2/9.7?topic=tasks-converting-type-1-indexes-type-2-indexes
    • If you want to check, when and how many versions your database was migrated, you might want to check
      select * from sysibm.sysversions
      The oldest databases I found at a customer were created with Db2 8.1 and migrated since then.

    Below is an old slide where I had a brief summary of new features in the different versions over time.


    Roland Schock
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  • 5.  RE: Db2 LUW - create index w disallow reverse scans

    Posted Mar 19, 2022 09:51 AM
    Disallow was used by some companies to reduce lock contention way back....some
    Never changed it back. have a client now that was still unknowingly using it....Phil



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  • 6.  RE: Db2 LUW - create index w disallow reverse scans

    Posted Mar 16, 2022 04:37 PM
    I believe there was a time in older DB2 LUW versions where reverse scans were not an option. If you had upgraded DB2 from one of these older versions reverse scans would not have automatically been enabled.