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  • 1.  z15 integrated sort accelerator

    Posted Sep 29, 2021 06:16 AM

    Has anybody come up with any figures for the effects of the z15 integrated sort accelerator, either for Reorgs or SQL activity?

    We haven't made the corresponding DFSORT changes required and left the UTILS_USE_ZSORT Zparm set to the default of NO when it was introduced.
    We subsequently found out that SQL usage of the accelerator is enabled by default with the PTF for APAR PH31684, even if the DFSORT changes are not made. I was researching new columns in the Omegamon "warehouse" tables and came across the SORTL columns. Delving a bit further I discovered that we'd "missed" the SQL PTF and so this is now implemented and active everywhere, including production.



    Steven Lamb

  • 2.  RE: z15 integrated sort accelerator

    Posted Sep 30, 2021 01:58 AM

    We are starting tests with this new features , as soon we have results , we will forward them on this  post. 
    we mainly expect results on utilities .


    Alain Pary

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