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Friday Fun Premier League (non technical topic)

  • 1.  Friday Fun Premier League (non technical topic)

    Posted Jul 26, 2021 10:28 AM

    Greetings everyone and sorry for adding a non technical thread.
    For those interested in the Fantasy League and "real football" in England (Premier League), it's time for the 2021/2022 season. We will use the same league as the past years (IDUG CLASSIC), so please join us for some fun competition.


    For those who played last year, you may have already received renewal notices and re-joined. If you have and were in our IDUG Classic League last year then the system should have automatically linked you but please do check.

    Don't know much about English football?  No worries, it can be as simple as picking a team and just letting it ride for the remainder of the season, which takes as little as 5 or 10 minutes. Or you can get scientific and transfer players using HTAP processing, BLU Technology and all sorts of clever Analytics every week and still lose. It's entirely up to you. There are a lot of great official prizes, but with well over 7 million players participating last year, your chances are much like winning a lottery. It's much easier and more fun to beat our relatively small group of Db2 fans and win our own League. There are no prizes on offer for own versions but I will be happy to buy a beverage or two of their choice for each of the lucky winners whenever we get the chance to meet up again.

    TO JOIN ……
    go to https://fantasy.premierleague.com follow the sign-up instructions and pick your team. 

    If you know nothing about English football, you can even let the system pick a team for you, just to get going. You can then fine tune as often as you wish until the weekly deadline.  The HELP section is excellent.
    Don't forget to download the mobile app as well.
    Once you have set up your team, go to the LEAGUES tab and join the following PRIVATE league.

    IDUG Classic – code 0qosdu


    Steve Thomas & Steen Rasmussen


    Steen Rasmussen, Broadcom Mainframe Division