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New Function Level CATMAINT

  • 1.  New Function Level CATMAINT

    Posted Sep 22, 2021 08:59 AM
    We've been on function level 500 for two years now. I know that the v13 migration will require first being at the highest function level in v12 so I'm working on moving in that direction. I'm looking at moving to FL503. Function level 502 has a catmaint job. The published instructions do not indicate requiring stopping db2 activity or starting db2 in maint mode before executing the catmaint. I asked IBM about this and was told that it is not necessary to stop activity but it is recommended to execute the catmaint during a time of low activity.
    The question I have for those of you that have moved to higher function levels is how did you execute the catmaint? Did you stop all db2 activity first? Or did you just execute the catmaint at a less busy time? Or was that not even a concern? We are not data sharing and only IPL a couple times each year, only if really required. Have you had any issues with a catmaint causing application issues, or had a catmaint fail due to db2 activity?

    RussellPetersCentral Technology Services

  • 2.  RE: New Function Level CATMAINT

    Posted Sep 23, 2021 03:39 AM
    We had issues with an online migration from v11 to v12 during the CATMAINT to get to M500 and also for the CATMAINT from M500 to M502.
    We went from Catalog level 500 to 503 in one go, but subsequently found out that it was the M502 part of the CATMAINT that caused problems. We opened a Case for this and IBM came up with PH28472 / UI71493.
    It looks like any CATMAINT updates that fiddle with the Catalog tables have the potential to cause a bit of pain. Our CATMAINT jobs got stuck trying to drain Catalog tables and that then caused application woes.

    For the online migration of our main production system we did it early on a Sunday morning and we had to "isolate" DB2 from certain other platforms while we ran the CATMAINT jobs to  minimise problems.

    We need to start looking at progressing beyond Catalog level 503 / FL504, so I'll be very interested in any other war stories :)


    Steven Lamb