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Hardware support for compress=yes

  • 1.  Hardware support for compress=yes

    Posted 3 days ago

    Hi there,

    I was now searching for some hour to get the information but didn't managed it. You are my last hope...

    Some year ago, we did compress a lot of our tablespaces (Db2 z). For some tablespaces that were accessed many times per second, we noticed a degradation of the cpu time. This lead to a longer response time of the CICS transaction. 
    Going backward and uncompressing again the tablespace, we got back to our normal values. 

    At the time we had the explanation that the Db2 tablespace compression (no Huffman) is a software compression. This because we don't have licensed the zEDC feature in z/os. But now someone was telling me that Db2 tablespace compression (and index compression as well???) is done through hardware. 

    As I stated at the beginning, I was not able to find any IBM documention on that fact.
    Can you confirm, that Db2 tablespace compression is always done in hardware (we're running on a z15)?

    WolfgangBeikircherRaiffeisen Information Service