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Query Monitor CAE broswer defaults

  • 1.  Query Monitor CAE broswer defaults

    Posted Sep 22, 2021 02:30 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I have recently had my systems folks install and configure the Query Monitor CAE.
    I now have a pretty browser interface to essentially the same data as we can see in the QM ISPF panels.

    The data is not different. 
    But the CAE browser client webpage is pretty with nice colours and whatnot.  Maybe more candidate end-users will use CAE browser because it is less scary.

    Anyways, I was wondering about the defaults.

    (1) When looking at "activity browser" for an interval.  The default is to display 25 rows.  On the bottom right, there is a little drop-down list to pick anywhere from 5 to 200 rows for display.  I would prefer to always start with 200 rows by default.  Can that 25 default value be changed?

    (2) After "login" via the CAE browser.  the list of target CQM subsystems is another drop down.  It apparently starts initially with the alphabetically first one in the drop down list.  I would prefer it default to start with a more interesting one first.  Basically, the browser always points to my dev CQM.  But that is boring. I generally want to start in my prod CQM which has more interesting data.  I often forget to change the target and it is annoying to pick the intervals and what not and forget to change the CQM subsystem and then be given the boring dev data.  Myself (and my end-userrs) will probably always want to start with prod cqm.  So that should be the default.

    Brian Laube

    Brian Laube Manulife Financial

    Db2 Z DBA (mostly)

  • 2.  RE: Query Monitor CAE broswer defaults

    Posted Sep 23, 2021 03:24 AM
    Hi Brian,

    The QM web UI has all features from ISPF plus some unique features like being able to connect to QM Db2 performance database, workload comparison, some charting capabilities, and more.

    Re 1: I'll check with development
    Re 2: You can change your bookmark, e.g.: https://<cqm host>:<cqm port>/webclient/dbrowse#target=<production dsg>&ds=opersummaries&cmds=PLAN&filtOn=false  (the URL in your browser will change as you navigate, pick your starting point and use that as bookmark)

    Feel free to reach out off-list if you want to set up a session to cover all the functions in the web UI

    Jørn Thyssen
    Rocket Software
    2021 IBM Champion