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trying to monitor "DB2 Connect" usage

  • 1.  trying to monitor "DB2 Connect" usage

    Posted 9 days ago
    Might there be a way to determine if anyone at my site is using DB2 Connect to connect to our z/OS Db2 systems?


  • 2.  RE: trying to monitor "DB2 Connect" usage

    Posted 9 days ago
    Hi Bill,

    "Db2 Connect" is commonly used for several different things:
    1. It is the name of the product that your company might license, e.g., Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition for z
    2. It is used for the drivers supplied by IBM to connect to Db2 z and Db2 LUW (the correct name is IBM Data Server Driver)
    3. It is used for the optional - not recommended - gateway: Db2 Connect Server 
    For 2 and 3 you can collect IFCID 365 and use a tool for format and report on those records. It will list all remote locations. You'll then have to do some detective work to figure out what's behind those IP address.

    Jørn Thyssen
    Rocket Software
    2021 IBM Champion

  • 3.  RE: trying to monitor "DB2 Connect" usage

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi Bill

    I agree with the summary from Jørn.
    But I over simplify and just think all my remote users of Db2 (who use SQL) are using DB2 Connect.  If they are using SQL against your Db2 then they must be using some type of IBM Data Server driver.
    > now that I think.  computers using Db2 RESP API do not have any local IBM Data Server driver installed.  I suppose they are not to be considered as using Db2 Connect.  But that is consistent.. the SQL they use is via the DB2 REST API... so they don't really issue SQL themselves.

    With regards to the Db2 Connect gateway server.  It works but it is discourage now.  It took us a couple of years to get all the clients to update the config for direct to Db2 Z.  

    I did not use IFCID 365.  It does contain the IP of the distributed computers connecting to DB2.  It is externalized via the statistics trace and I stuff it into my perf db to review (DB2PMFRTRC_REMLOC).   

    But really, I use the accounting trace (IFCID 003 contains info about distributed users).  I stuff it into my DB2PMFACCT_GENERAL and it has client_wsname and req_location.  It also contains info about the end user : client_enduser and primauth... along with info about the client_transaction).  So all together, all this accounting info makes it easy to find the end users who use my Db2.  
    If I just used IFCID 365 and db2pmfrc_remloc then all I get is the IP of the location using Db2.  This is something but as Jorn says, it may requrie some detective work.  When I use the accounting info ... having all the extra details like userid and program makes it easier to find the end-users

    > when hunting down end-users using the db2 connect gateway... if they are using the gateway server, then the req_location will contain the IP of the Db2 gateway server!  So that is how I found them.  Otherwise, the req_location is the IP of the client_wsname.  

    Brian Laube

    Brian Laube Manulife Financial

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