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[A04]DB2 NEXT ESP–Process of verifying the performance & accesspath selection in a new DB2 version 

Sep 30, 2013 08:33 AM


DB2 Next is now on its final rally towards GA and this presentation will give the audience a view into the amount of work being done in what is normally known as “regression testing”. This is the testing being done where we try to expose a new version to a direct repeatable workload without any changes to neither the applications nor the system. We will therefore NOT discuss new features in DB2 NEXT but only give a preview of how JN Data saw DB2 NEXT in aspect of performance and stability. At the same time we will look into the methods and the tools used to re-produce a given workload and repeating this. Finally we will talk about how performance figures were collected and compared. This walk-through can be used by other installations to do similar testing for instance when investigating impact of table changes etc…

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