DB2 for LUW

[D13] DB2 LUW Performance FAQs, volume 4: Demystifying more Mysteries! 

Sep 16, 2013 04:21 PM

In this installment of the 'performance FAQs' series, we shine a light on some new areas, like what you need to know about performance in the brand-new release of DB2 LUW. And what about pureScale - how is monitoring and tuning it different from single-partition DB2 ESE and multi-partition DPF? How can you make runstats run faster? Should you create indexes before loading a table, or vice versa? We also revisit and update a few favorites - like an update on monitoring (and what do all these terms really mean?), and what is the fastest way to get data into a DB2 database? Join us for an hour of useful and engaging tips & insider information about DB2 performance.

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