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[A06] Not Checking Your ZIIP can cause embarassment 

Sep 11, 2013 07:37 AM

If you are not making maximum use of your ZIIP processor to run DB2 work the amount of money you are wasting could cause you embarrassment. According to industry calculations, hardware plus software costs for a ZIIP processor is $150 to $200 per MIPS compared with $2,200 to $3,400 for a general purpose processor.
In addition different software vendors will make claims about how much of their code is run on the ZIIP engine, and as a customer of these vendors it’s necessary to validate their claims.
In this instance I will use the DB2 utilities as a case study, specifically LOAD,REORG and Rebuild Index to calculate what percent of the total CPU time used by each utility is offloaded to the ZIIP processor.
Most DB2 monitors will report on accumulated CPU seconds for the 4 DB2 started tasks of:
And for each task the following categories of accumulated CPU seconds will be recorded:
TCB CPU , SRB CPU , Pre-emptible SRB , pre-emptible ZIIP
The presentation will outline a method using Chorus the DB2 DBA role to bench mark what percentage of CPU seconds have been offloaded to the ZIIP processor, using a dedicated DB2 subsystem that is not executing any work apart from the utility.

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