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[A03] DB2 11 Expanded RBA/LRSN - Does this bit make my tail look big? 

May 05, 2013 12:26 PM

DB2 has had a 6 byte RBA since the beginning and a 6 byte LRSN since DB2 Version 4. IBM is introducing the ability to optionally expand the RBA and LRSN to 10 bytes in DB2 11. This change will have fairly far reaching implications on many DB2 structures that have carried a 6 byte RBA since the beginning over 30 years ago. This presentation will raise some of those implications by discussing where RBA values currently reside in the DB2 universe. Given a DB2 11 GA announcement, more details of new formats will be provided. The source of the presentation title? Every page on a DB2 object, both table and index spaces, ends in a structure called PGTAIL. In the expanded world, this becomes PGBIGTAIL.

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