DB2 for z/OS

Squeeze the Most Out of your Indexes in DB2 9! (E03) 

May 11, 2010 03:00 PM

DATE: 2010-5-11 (03:00 PM - 04:00 PM)
SPEAKERS: Jim Dee (BMC Software Inc.)

Index compression was announced as part of DB2 9 for z/OS, but it remains a mystery to many users. Is it the same as tablespace compression? If not, how is it different? How do I take advantage of it, and how can I know which indexes to compress? This presentation will cover some of the internals of index compression, and then it will answer your questions about when and how to most effectively use it.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Learn how index compression works.

Learn how index compression differs from tablespace compression.

Learn the steps necessary to implement compression for an index.

Learn how to identify the indexes which are the best candidates for compression.

Learn how to most effectively exploit index compression to save disk storage and meet your SQL performance goals.

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