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  • 1.  LUW RECOVER with RESTART option

    Posted Oct 15, 2022 09:05 AM
    Recovering a large DPF database using the RECOVER command.  Some partitions have completed but others failed with TSM errors.  I'd like to run the RECOVER again without losing the completed partitions that have finished.  It is a point in time recovery so I cannot specify dbpartitionnums.   I would like to run the RECOVER command with RESTART but the documentation is horrible on it:
    "The RESTART keyword can be used if a prior recover operation was interrupted or otherwise did not complete. A subsequent RECOVER DATABASE command attempts to continue the previous recover operation, if possible. Using the RESTART keyword forces the recover operation to start with a fresh restore and then rollforward to the point in time specified."

    I cannot tell what the RESTART option will do from this.  Has anyone used the RESTART option and does it keep already completed partition's work or start over from the beginning?


    SteveMazerDeNOVO Solutions