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  • 1.  RUNSTATs profiles with selective SYSSTATFEEDBACK

    Posted Jun 23, 2022 05:05 AM
    Hi there,

    in our shop we wanted to apply the RUNSTATS profiles in combination with the feedback externalized in SYSSTATFEEDBACK. But we saw soon that we get some big profiles for the central tables. Especially we got many many COLGROUP statements. 

    Now we wanted to reduce the entries in the profile by just applying a simple rule: only if the same suggestion/feedback arrives over a certain period of time we want it to be added to the profile. 

    Did someone of you implement a similar approach? 

    After some research we saw that we have to switch off the STATFDBK_PROFILE parameter. Otherwise the profile will be updated automatically every time a new record is inserted in SYSSTATFEEDBACK. Doing this we have to update the profile manually.

    Is there a way to convert the entries in SYSSTATFEEDBACK 'automatically' in statements for the profile?
    So our approach would be to DELETE all records in SYSSTATSFEEDBACK that do not correspond to our rule an let apply the rest of records automatically...

    WolfgangBeikircherRaiffeisen Information Service

  • 2.  RE: RUNSTATs profiles with selective SYSSTATFEEDBACK

    Posted Jun 26, 2022 02:44 PM
    Hi Wolfgang, did you open an AHA-idea for that. When this feature was introduced I had some discussions with Terry Purcell e.g. to store a recommendation when it was issued a certain amount of times, but unfortunately I couldn't convince him.


  • 3.  RE: RUNSTATs profiles with selective SYSSTATFEEDBACK

    Posted Jun 27, 2022 02:42 AM
    Hi Walter,

    no, i didn't. I just hoped that someone of you tell me that I'm too stupid to find the right documentation and this is all supported 'out of the box' by Db2. ​

    Btw I do not even know how to open an AHA-idea. I'm just a tiny developer how tries to improve our system. :)

    WolfgangBeikircherRaiffeisen Information Service