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some AHA ideas for you to consider (requests for enhancement)

  • 1.  some AHA ideas for you to consider (requests for enhancement)

    Posted Oct 20, 2022 11:20 AM


    Hello friends on the listserv,


    I have been using the AHA website to request IBM add new functionality to Db2.  This is the official way to ask IBM to do something for Db2. 


    This email is my attempt to drum up some support and votes for my requests. 

    I invite you to review my requests.  A brief description is in this email with a link for you to vote.

    Basically, the more votes for the request, the more likely IBM will consider the request!



    The new V12 REDIRECTED RECOVERY functionality compares source and target schemas BEFORE beginning the recover.

    FYI –APAR PH27043 adds redirected recovery of tablespaces.  APAR PH35266 adds redirected recover of indexes. 

    Schema comparison was added/enhanced to redirected recovery along the way (in some other APARs?)

    Anyways, redirected recovery will NOW report schema differences and stop. 

    If no differences are found then redirected recovery does the recover into target

    I would like an enhancement for redirected recover to just do the schema compare and then stop - CHECKSCHEMAONLY

    This is obviously useful (to me) as a simple way to check the schema before actually doing the work



    INDEX compression is old and boring dba functionality. 

    But why does the catalog have no useful statistics about the effectiveness of the index compression?

    The enhancement is to add the obviously useful info to catalog for index compression (so the DBA can easily review effectiveness)



    DGTT – declare and use in one statement (like every other RDBMS in the world including DB2 LUW, Oracle, SQLServer)

    AS someone who writes SQL every day and loves to use DGTT for producing reports.  This would be super useful



    LISTAGG – stop failing with -390 when using ORDER BY. 

    This is a documented "feature" of LISTAGG.  This stupid -390.  As a result, LISTAGG usually fails when combined with ORDER BY. 

    How annoying.  I am embarrassed to explain this exception to my developers.



    The usage of network encryption is now reported by Db2 via statistics trace and IFCID 365

    This will tell me the IP of who is using SSL (or not).  But it says nothing about the userid or application

    In my hunt to find my clients who use SSL (or do not) I now use IFCID 365 and I muddle though. 

    It would be easier if Accounting trace included some PORT or SSL info




    Allow MERGE to use Common Table Expressions CTE

    Is this critical for SQL with DB2 ?  No.  But I do like CTE.



    A very minor enhancement request

    The special register CURRENT APPLICATION COMPATIBILITY is so many characters to type.  How Tiring.  And I often make a spelling mistake.

    Add a shorter synonym for this special register





    Brian Laube Manulife Financial

    Db2 Z DBA (mostly)